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Buy Chicken Coop online. Imagine stepping into your backyard to an elegant, handcrafted chicken coop, the envy of every poultry enthusiast. Once simply practical structures, chicken coops have transformed into bespoke havens for your feathered friends. Embark on a journey through our premium selection, where protection meets style, and discover why our chicken coops are the perfect addition to your homestead. Are you in the market for a new home for your feathered friends? Look no further! Our selection of premium chicken coops for sale is designed with meticulous attention to meet the specific needs of your backyard chickens. From models that comfortably house 6-8 Chickens to deluxe designs for more than 20 birds, we’ve got the perfect coop for you.

Features To Expect:

  • Customizable options: Doors, Windows, Nesting Boxes
  • Predator-proof construction: Secure environment with durable materials
  • Ideal living conditions: Adequate ventilation, natural lighting
  • Easy maintenance: Removable Trays for quick cleaning

Chicken Coop Essentials:

  • Sturdy, waterproof roof
  • Chicken wire for protection and ventilation
  • Appropriate square footage: approx. 2-3 feet per bird
  • Optional Chicken Coop Accessories
  • Roost bars and Garden Beds integration

Size Options:

Coop Size


Dimension Recommendations

Compact Series

1-5 Chickens

2-3 square feet per chicken

Medium Coops

6-10 Chickens

Includes a chicken run

Large Installments

21-30 Chickens

Custom configurations

Make sure your chickens enjoy a comfortable and secure environment. Our coops are constructed with durable materials, ensuring safety and longevity. Browse our selection today and find the coop that suits your flock’s size and your backyard’s style!

Note: Don’t forget to factor in the feet per bird to maintain a spacious and comfortable environment for your chickens. For those looking to provide the best possible home for their backyard chickens, our chicken coops on sale offer features that not only ensure the safety and comfort of your chickens but also offer longevity and ease of care. Proudly made in the USA, our premium chicken coops come with a design that is safe from predators, crafted from 100% cedar, which is known for its durability and resistance to outdoor elements.

Each coop features a robust, waterproof roof and nesting box panels that keep out the rain, ensuring your feathered friends stay dry and cozy. The coops also boast acrylic front vent windows that regulate temperature, keeping the interior cool in summer and warm in winter. By investing in these high-quality chicken coops, you get more than just a temporary shelter; you get a long-lasting abode that’s cost-effective and will serve your chickens for years to come.

Please be wary of counterfeit items that you may come across on Amazon or other retail websites; they are not the authentic, premium chicken coops available from our selection.

Protect Your Chickens in a Beautiful, Handmade Chicken Coop

Crafted with the finest materials, our coops are the perfect fusion of attractiveness and protection for your cherished poultry. Solidly built with galvanized steel and treated wood, your chickens will reside in a safe and secure environment, shielded from predators and harsh weather conditions. The inclusion of waterproof and UV-resistant covers, paired with PVC-coated wire mesh, ensures that your birds will stay safe, comfortable, and dry, no matter what the weather brings.

Ease of assembly is a paramount feature of our coops, with each model accompanied by straightforward instructions to guide you through the process. Some of our coops are even designed with savvy interior storage solutions, to streamline your chicken-keeping duties. When it comes to style, we cater to all tastes, offering everything from the rustic charm of a farmhouse design to the sleek lines of a modern coop, or the timeless appeal of a traditional aesthetic. No matter the size of your flock, from a cozy clutch to a thriving throng of 33 or more, our chicken coops are built to accommodate every need.

Features of Our Backyard Chicken Coops

Every backyard chicken coop in our collection is thoughtfully outfitted with a suite of amenities to support both the needs of your chickens and your convenience as a keeper. Human-accessible doors simplify your daily routines, granting you easy access for feeding and maintenance. Functioning windows provide not only ventilation but also natural light, which is essential for your flock’s well-being. Additionally, our coops come with strategically placed vents to ensure consistent air circulation, fostering a healthful environment for the birds.

The convenience can also be found in our customizable nesting box access, allowing caretakers to gather eggs without disrupting the flock. Overall, our coops are designed to create a harmonious balance of functionality and ease, featuring human-friendly doors, well-placed windows and vents, and easily accessible nesting boxes. It’s a habitat that places your chickens’ needs and your management demands in perfect alignment.

What Size Chicken Coop Do You Need?

When deciding on the size of your chicken coop, consider the number of chickens you intend to keep and the amount of space each bird will require. A general rule is to provide 2-3 square feet per chicken inside the coop and about 8-10 square feet per chicken in an outside run. More space is always better if you have the means, as it promotes healthier and happier birds. Our range of coops accommodates various flock sizes and needs:

  • Small Coops: Ideal for 2-4 chickens, perfect for those just starting out or with limited space.
  • Medium Coops: Suitable for 5-8 chickens, offering a balance between space and manageability.
  • Large Coops: Designed for 9-12 chickens, great for keepers looking to expand their flocks.
  • Extra Large Coops: These spacious havens can house 13-33 chickens or more, tailor-made for seasoned chicken keepers or those looking to maximize their poultry productivity.

By choosing the right size coop, you ensure a comfortable environment for your feathered friends to thrive and lay bountifully.

Why Buy Chicken Coop from our store?

Our store is synonymous with uncompromising quality. Each Chicken coop is built with longevity in mind, employing only the highest quality components to ensure enduring protection and comfort for your feathered charges. Our mobile chicken coops for sale are not merely shelters but carefully proportioned habitats, tailor-made to provide ample space for the birds to live and roam comfortably, enhancing their overall well-being.

Good ventilation is a non-negotiable for healthy chickens, which is why our Chicken coops boast superb ventilation systems that promote better roosting conditions and more manageable flocks. Solid construction is the foundation of our coops, affording your chickens a secure sanctuary come nightfall. Beyond the benefits to your flock, our large pre-built coops open avenues for increased egg or meat production, which can translate to additional income or the ability to make charitable contributions. These versatile structures can also serve as educational resources for schools or fulfilling hobbies for poultry enthusiasts.

White Glove Chicken Coop Delivery & Set Up

Are you dreaming of a hassle-free way to welcome your feathered friends into their new home? Dutch Country Furniture has got your back with their White Glove Delivery & Set-Up service, providing the ultimate comfort for you and your chickens.

Gone are the days of puzzling over instructions and fretting about transport. When you invest in a coop with Dutch Country Furniture, their experienced installers take care of everything. Partnering with esteemed manufacturers like OverEZ Chicken Coops & Bird in Hand Pet Structures, this service ensures you’re not only getting a premium handcrafted chicken abode but also the convenience you deserve.

White Glove Delivery & Set-Up includes:

  • Professional delivery of your chosen coop to your property.
  • Skillful assembly of the coop by seasoned installers.

Benefits at a glance:

  • No transportation headaches – the coop comes to you.
  • Flawless setup – meticulously assembled for your birds’ safety and comfort.

With White Glove Delivery & Set Up, the transition for your backyard chickens into a secure and comfortable environment is seamless. Delight in watching your birds explore their new Deluxe Chicken Coop or Nest Box, knowing the hard work was expertly handled by Dutch Country Furniture.

Buying Custom Chicken Coop

When it comes to raising backyard chickens or running commercial poultry operations, having the perfect chicken coop is essential for the welfare of your feathered friends. Recognizing this, Horizon Structures offers a range of custom-built coop systems designed to meet the varying needs of chicken keepers with meticulous attention to detail.

Custom Options to Consider:

  • Space Utilization: Design your coop with dedicated areas for specific bird care tasks, segregating of roosters and hens, event preparation, and nurturing chicks.
  • Size & Layout Personalization: Customize the size and layout of your coop to ensure a comfortable and secure environment for your flock, whether it’s 6-8 chickens, 6-10 chickens, or more.
  • Essential Features: Add convenience with custom options like doors, windows, nesting boxes, and Removable Trays to make maintenance and care a breeze.
  • Durability & Protection: Choose durable materials with features like a Waterproof Roof and chicken wire to safeguard your poultry against the elements and predators.

With Horizon Structures, the process is simple but the possibilities are vast. Delivered fully assembled, these tailor-made chicken coops provide immediate functionality, be it a Wooden Chicken Coop for a quaint backyard or an extensive Poultry Cage for a substantial brood. Create the perfect coop with Horizon Structures and ensure your chickens live in a premium, loving home.

3 Steps to Happy Chickens and Fresh Eggs

view inventory

Begin looking for a chicken coop that matches your needs. Design your own coop using a selection of shapes, sizes, colors, and options. Alternatively, skip the design and visit our inventory page for a pre-made chicken coop for sale.

place your order

After you’ve found the coop that’s right for you, you’ll need to place your order. You can accomplish this by selecting your desired design, add to cart then checkout.

Leave A Review

After you place your order, you can inform all of your friends about your wonderful chicken coop discovery. And once your brand-new coop is delivered, we’d love to know how it’s changed your chicken and egg farming experience.

Latest Reviews

Customer service is the best in this…great experience

Customer service is the best in this day and age Most companies today do not know the meaning of the word. They do, before, during and after the sale! My hat is off.

Peter Barnes / Iowa

Super fast efficient shipping

Super fast efficient shipping, quality and quantity of parts, ease of assembly were all positives. Since my review the coop was hit by straight line winds that took down many trees. The chickens stayed safe in the egg box, the coop was secured with the supplied equipment. So well done .

Mrs. Moneyhenny / Alabama

Chicago backyard 16 hens

 The cost of this one was daunting, and worth every penny. The pallet fit into our garage (great delivery service) and we laid everything out and built it on one day. Took my hens some time to adjust, but they’re now roosting and laying and happy cluckers. Absolutely no regrets.

Army J / Chicago

This was on my list of things to “do” for years until my wife put it on HER wish list for her birthday. She is happy, I am very happy!

George Ashton / Loveland, TX

I’ve never seen a chicken in real life, and now I have six! Thank you so much for assisting me in making the correct decision. Thank you. I adore my chicks!

Dianne Spencer / Gurleyville, CT

I am very impressed with your client service. The chicken coop is the ideal size and decor for our backyard.

Jen Bowman / San Diego, CA

Amazing Quality

My 14 year old daughter and I easily built our chicken coop in about 3 hours. Directions were great, quality of material was above expectations. Highly recommend your product to others.

Doug / sun city, CA

Most amazing chicken coop

My name is Victoria Lemus i have this Chicken coop because is a gift from a friend my chicken are happy and safe, last night rain a lot here they are super dry and happy thank guys this coop is amazing

Victoria Lemus / New York

Your chicken coop is well made

Your chicken coop is well made and heavy enough to last for years. It was easy to put together. The only thing I had to do was replace the latches on the egg door and the other large upper door with lockable latches like you have on the extended run.

Jerry Gilbert / El Paso

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